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How to Deal with Anxiety - The Natural Way

Updated: Jun 25, 2019

How to deal with anxiety is a major concern for the one third of Canadians have been diagnosed with anxiety disorder and for the many others who suffer without a diagnosis. Anxious feelings limit our lives and prevent us from connecting with others. But we might only realize how much we have been suffering once we are feeling better and can look back on our difficult times. At the Ottawa Gatineau Homeopathy Clinic, we treat anxiety naturally by using the homeopathic process as well as natural remedies. We can help you face your life challenges with calm while maintaining your inner sense of well-being.

Read on to learn more or book your appointment today to take your first step in your healing journey.

How to Deal with Anxiety
How to Deal with Anxiety

Walk Calmly Towards It

The most simple answer to how to deal with anxiety is to learn not to run away from it.

In our culture, the way we are used to dealing with our uncomfortable emotions or any disease process are to counter them, to fight them, to try to eliminate them. For anxiety we take anti-anxiety medications, for pain we take medications to help numb us, not make us feel anymore.

Although these measures do alleviate some of our suffering, they do not get to the root cause of why we are anxious. And they do not teach us anything more about how to deal with anxiety. We would like to suggest to you a different approach.

Instead of running away from your anxiety, walk calmly towards it. Do not push it under the rug. Your anxiety is a gentle reminder that something is not sitting right within you, that there is a conflict in you that needs to be examined and resolved. If you know how to deal with your anxiety, it becomes an opportunity for growth.

The Canadian Mental Health Association names many types of anxiety disorders, including generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder. We can help you with all of these at our clinic.

The Homeopathic Assessment and Process

The way we deal with anxiety is through the homeopathic process. Homeopathy involves sitting with us at the clinic or by online interview and telling us about your anxiety in all its details:

  • what brings it about,

  • what happens in your body when it comes,

  • how it makes you react to people around you,

  • when it started and what was happening in your life at that time.

It is like a counselling session but our goal is mainly to find out how your anxiety is linked to a deeper pattern of imbalance within you.

By exploring other areas of your life, we will be able to find out what links your anxiety to your worst fears, nightmares and stressful life experiences. Here, we will see a pattern emerge that will put your anxiety into greater context. It will help us understand and identify what is behind your anxiety and what it needs to heal.

The homeopathic treatment session itself will help you gain deeper insight into why you are anxious and how to deal with your anxiety. It will help you see more clearly in what ways you have to grow as a person to resolve it. We tend to think that the best solutions to our problems is to fight with them, yet healing sometimes happens best by allowing ourselves to fully feel the experience of pain within us.

The Homeopathic Remedy: A Window Into Your Life

Sometimes, fully exploring the anxiety in a safe space and with professional guidance may be enough to greatly diminish or resolve it. But the beauty of homeopathy is that we can also find a natural remedy that will help you deal with the life challenge that you need to face. This natural homeopathic remedy is not a numbing agent, and it is not a patch to cover up your problem.

Rather the remedy acts similarly to the homeopathic treatment session. It helps you gain insight into yourself; it helps you better understand the virtue or skill that you need to strengthen within yourself in order to meet your life's current challenges. It is complementary to psychotherapy and can be taken safely along with conventional medications.

Treatment That is Tailored to Your Needs

There is not one set of homeopathic remedies for anxiety in homeopathy. Rather there are thousands of remedies that can be used to deal with anxiety. Your prescription will be based on the underlying imbalance that causes your anxiety.

This is individual to you, so your remedy for anxiety will be different then someone else's. Its purpose will be to help you resolve and deal with the life challenges you face, to make you stronger in the face of them. 

Patients typically report that what used to make them anxious does not trigger them as much any more. This means that something has changed within them, something has grown or shifted, and they are no longer as susceptible or easily affected by the stresses that use to affect them in the past.

This, for us, is how to deal with anxiety in a natural way. To see how we can help you, contact us to ask your questions or book an appointment.

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