Mokhtar Akbari,


I am Mokhtar Akbari, homeopath. I am registered with the College of Homeopaths of Ontario. I hold an Advanced Practitioner Diploma in Homeopathy from the School of Homeopathy, UK. 

I have many years of clinical experience working in homeopathy, and have a special interest in treating chronic back pain as well as chronic pain in other locations. I am also a physiotherapist and have treated chronic back pain for many years. 


Homeopathic treatment is a missing link for many people suffering from chronic back pain because pain is a subjective experience that is unique to each person's nervous system. Therefore most people with chronic back pain need a treatment that will help regulate the nervous system, and this is where homeopathy can play a major role. It is my passion is to help people with chronic pain recover their freedom. 


I also have special interests in treating mental-emotional disorders (Anxiety, depression, PTSD) and am experienced in homeopathic general practice. I invite you to call us to learn more about our clinic and how we can help you and your family. 


My Approach


Focus Both on Symptoms and Well-Being


My approach is to:

  1. be practical and effective in treating your immediate symptoms.

  2. help you become more resistant to physical and emotional stress, to resolve your life challenges and achieve your full potential as a person. My treatment should help you lead a more free, happy and balanced life.


I am first and foremost focused on helping you get rid of the symptoms that you are consulting me for. My prescriptions will be focused on treating your pain and other symptoms as quickly and effectively as possible so that you may get on with your life.

My Unique Skill: Combining Health with Growth and Well-Being

But the unique skill that I offer you as a homeopath is that my treatment improves your health while supporting your inner growth  & happiness. It helps you become stronger & more balanced. This is because the remedies I use take into account your main health concern as well as the particular stresses that you are under.

My treatment will help you become more resistant to these stresses, and see the problems that you face from a new angle, in a new light. You will find new creative ways to deal with life's challenges, and become more balanced and happier as a result.

Growing Stronger

Homeopathic remedies mirror the challenges and stresses you face. They help you develop the areas of yourself that you need to grow in order to resolve some of your difficulties. Many of our challenges have an outer cause, be it a difficult person or situation. We cannot control these but we can control how we approach these situations and how we react to them. My treatment will help you grow in your ability to deal with these situations, so that you can approach them with greater strength and confidence.    

My patients also often say that they sleep better and see improvements in their overall energy levels and health as the result of treatment.

It is my passion as a homeopath, to see patients become more free, balanced and happy, to see patients become stronger, and to accompany them as they learn to understand themselves in a deeper way. This is why I choose to practice homeopathy and this is the unique gift I offer you.


My Health Mission

I am committed to providing the best holistic health care possible.

As a homeopath, I am specialized in the Healing Art of Homeopathy which is one of the finest healing systems to simultaneously support Health and Self-Advancement in an individual. The holistic system of natural medicine that I use helps my patients heal from their physical ailments while acquiring the psychological strength needed to resolve their current life challenges.


I deliver on my mission by meeting my patients in a framework of professionalism, empathy, safety and integrity to create a base for a trusted collaboration.