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Anxiety Relief With Homeopathy - A Case Report

Larry visited our clinic at a hectic time in his life. After buying a house, he had suddenly lost his job and was now finding himself worried about making his payments. What is more, he was expecting a 3rd child and was also had worried about how well his wife could handle their growing family. She relied heavenly on him for many life decisions and he was starting to feel under more and more pressure.

Recently, he was getting sudden panic attacks that would appear out of the blue. At this time, his head would spin and get suddenly warm and heavy. He was also thinking back with some regret on his years as a student.

He felt like he had not studied hard enough and had therefore not created a “strong foundation” to build his life upon. He relied a lot on his siblings to help and now was feeling uncertainty at a time when he was expected to take on much responsibility.

Physically, he had just suffered a bout of severe back pain.

Analysis & Prescription

I used Element Theory in Homeopathy to analyze and treat this patient. His worries about money, house and work point to mineral remedies from the 4th row of the periodic table. He feels a lot of incapacity in this situation, like he is not up to the task. This points to the 1st column.

This brings us to kali sulphuricum, a homeopathic remedy made from potassium. It also happens to be a great remedy for back pain. I choose the sulphur salt of potassium because of the issues with his wife and his warm blooded nature.

I give him this remedy in a 1M potency in liquid form (oral drops).

Progress: After this, within 2 weeks, his panic attacks stopped and his anxiety was greatly reduced. His low back pain also got much better. He also felt more confident about his ability to provide for his family. A few months later he welcomed his new daughter into the world with great joy.

Element Theory In Homeopathy

This case illustrates how severe anxiety can sometimes be very easily treated with a simple homeopathic remedy. It this case, the patient has insecurity about his capacity as a father and provider for his family. He feels like his structure or foundation is shaky. Issues surrounding capacity to perform often point to mineral remedies in homeopathy.

Row 4 of the periodic table of elements, the Iron series has to do with establishing financial security and accomplishing your task and work.

In stage 1, which means column 1 of the periodic table, the person feels extremely incapable, like he has almost no capacity at all, no foundation at all. It's a state of extreme insecurity, like his foundation could crumble at any time. The first element in the 4th row of the period table is potassium.

Potassium Salt for Insecurity and Back Pain

I have often prescribe various potassium salt for cases of extreme panic attacks, fearfulness and insecurity about one's financial security and health. People that need this remedy often feel like their "backbone" is not strong enough. This is a mental-emotional feeling but in fact, such patients often do also present with back pain.

Potassium, when given in homeopathic form, is excellent for helping to result both the physical back pain and the internal feeling of not being strong enough to stand up to life's challenges. The most commonly prescribed potassium remedy is called Kali carbonicum, but as homeopaths, we also use other potassium salts like the one I prescribed here.

This kind of holistic healing and return to greater physical and mental-emotional is what homeopathy is all about!

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