More on Conditions We Treat

Here you will find additional information on some of the conditions we treat at our clinic.


Many young adults reach the age when they want to start a family only to find that they are having trouble conceiving. Infertility can have a mix of both physical and mental emotional causes.


Conventional treatment for fertility focuses on making sure that all the mechanical and physical components of reproduction are working properly.


Although this is helpful, homeopathic treatment is a complementary therapy that can address both the mind and body in a holistic fashion. It can make the difference and help you conceiving if you are having difficulty here.


For the best results, we will treat both partners when treating this condition. We have always loved kids and helping couples conceiving is one of the most beautiful and rewarding things for us. It brings a joy to us that no amount of financial compensation can match. If you are looking for help in this area, please feel free to contact us for more info.


Auto-Immune Diseases

Auto-immune diseases are diseases in which your immune system is attacking your own cells. These are very difficult to treat but recent breakthroughs in homeopathy have helped advance the treatment of many of these disorders.


In particular, the use of lanthanide salts in homeopathy has helped to treat many such cases. These are diseases such as celiac disease, type 1 diabetes, Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, multiple sclerosis, systemic lupus erythematosus, and Grave's disease.



Addictions, like all cravings, have a very strong genetic component. Homeopathic remedies have helped many alcoholics and other addicts normalize the excessive craving and need they have for the the particular substance or activity they are addicted to.


In our practice we treat drug, alcohol, sex and gambling addictions as well as other addictions. Homeopathy is also uniquely positioned to help these conditions as they can often be related to a loss of social support, to isolation and despair.


Homeopathy treats these mental emotional issues at the same time as addressing the craving itself. Contact us for more info.



Concussions are now a major issue, yet their treatment remains very difficult. A concussion is basically an injury to your brain and nervous tissue following an accident. We have helped multiple patients with concussions to resolve their symptoms and get back to a normal life.


We have seen people suffer from concussions following sports accidents, falls on ice and motor vehicle accidents.


In every case, the key to helping them is to understand how the accident happened, but also what is specific or peculiar to that individual's nervous system. How is that person's nerves sensitive and in which way are they sensitive. 


Homeopathy helps such cases by stimulating a healing response in your brain. To learn more about this, please contact us.