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Lyme Disease Clinic

How we Treat Lyme Disease Naturally

and Holistically

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Welcome to the Lyme Disease Clinic!

Have you been host to complaints such as skin irritation, pain, fatigue, weakness, memory loss and many more? AND were not able to get any better?

Such is the condition many people who previously had or currently have Lyme Disease. The Borrelia bacteria that causes Lyme Disease or Borreliosis is carried by ticks and is prevalent in Eastern Ontario. Fortunately, at the Lyme Disease Clinic, we provide natural and holistic treatment that can help you recover your health.

Table of Contents:

  • The Initial stage of Lyme Infection

  • The Second Stage of Infection

  • Lyme Can Include a Collection of Infectious Agents

  • Our Holistic and Natural Treatment for Lyme Disease

The Initial Stage of Lyme Infection


Borreliosis in its early stage can be diagnosed and successfully treated with antibiotics. But there are high chances that you might not have recognized an early infection of Borreliosis and have not visited a doctor's office and asked for treatment. This is the case for many people.


Your initial discomfort and unwellness might ease away and you feel better. But you will not feel the same as before. You know something is not right as you will gradually notice strange symptoms occurring that cannot be explained easily.


The Second Stage of Infection


When you have reached this stage of Lyme Disease it has become chronic and it will be difficult to diagnose and treat by conventional means. This chronic stage also shares many symptoms with established chronic diseases such as Alzheimer's Disease, Lou Gehrig's, Fibromyalgia or MS.


Chronic Lyme Disease has many names, such as Post Lyme Syndrome or Lyme Disease Complex etc. It is the second stage of Lyme Disease where the Borrelia bacteria has spread throughout the body. It now becomes a kind of stealth infection that silently assails all systems of a healthy body.


A Collection of Infectious Agents

Furthermore, Lyme Disease Complex has been found to be a collection of infectious agents such as viruses, fungus, bacteria and parasites all working synergistically together to create disease. But the degree of presence of these various pathogens differs from individual to individual.


Borrelia infections are difficult to detect because firstly, these bacteria may hide out in well-chosen areas of the body such as the nervous system, for which they have a special affinity.


Secondly, Borrelia changes its antigens frequently and evades antibody testing. Borrelia also aggregates and cloaks itself in so-called biofilms, which again renders laboratory and diagnostic testing more challenging. This biofilm is also known to be highly resistant to antibiotic treatment.

Holistic and Natural Treatment for Lyme Disease

At the Ottawa Gatineau Homeopathy Clinic, we are naturopaths and homeopaths who can deal with the stealthy nature of chronic diseases such as Post Lyme syndrome.


Homeopathic treatments do not depend on a diagnosis or disease label. Your symptoms are more important to us than the name of the disease. We listen to all of your specific and detailed complaints because they are essential in finding the right homeopathic remedy that is specific to you. Our remedy selection depends on your highly individualized symptoms!


Homeopathic remedies not only support you psychologically but enhance the intelligence of your immunity. This means that your immune system is activated to become clearly discerning of what is foreign and what is body owned.


Homeopathic remedies also cleanse the body systems from toxins, remove blockages in nerves and strengthen your vitality in multiple ways. We complement our homeopathic treatments with supplement and dietary suggestions to bring you back to health. 


A healthy and radiant life awaits you.

We can help you make it your own!

You can find out more about our specific approach to treating Lyme Disease by reading the articles below. Visit our Online Consultation page to find out about phone and video consults. And click this button to get information on our Appointments and Rates.

Holistic and Natural Treament for Lyme Disease
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