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  • How many visits will I need and when will I see benefits?
    This is variable and depends on your condition. Most patients should expect to come for 5-10 visits to get good results. At the beginning, visits are every 2-4 weeks and then then get spaced out to every 5-8 weeks once the healing process has started. For acute ailments like injuries or infections, more frequent follow ups every few days might be needed. Follow-ups will mostly be 30 minutes after the initial assessment is complete, but you may sometimes require 1 hour follow-ups as well. Usually, the longer your condition has lasted, the longer your treatment will last. If you have an acute ailment like an infection, you will often see the results in days or hours. If you had a condition only a few months, then you will often see results within weeks and might need only a few months of treatment. If you have had the condition for many years, then you will likely see improvements within a few months but might need a to continue your treatment for longer to get the sustained benefits you are looking for.
  • What is the difference between homeopathy and naturopathy?
    Naturopathy is an umbrella term that describes all the different system of natural medicine that exist. For instance there is homeopathy, chinese traditional medicine, ayurvedic medicine and others. Some naturopaths specialize in homeopathy and others use it in a more basic fashion. At our clinic, we are homeopaths and are therefore specialized in treating you effectively with homeopathy.
  • Why homeopathy treatment is worth the investment?
    Homeopathy is unique in its ability to help treat physical symptoms while improving your well-being and helping your inner growth as a person. It helps you grow stronger in the face of your life's challenges. It promotes true health from the inside and from the outside. This kind of treatment is unique and worth its price. Being healthy, balanced and happy as person is worth it. It is your most important possession. But on a practical level, if you want to set a budget for your treatment, you can use this guide to help you do so. 1. First ask yourself: How much does your problem limits and disrupts your life? How much does it bother you and prevent you from feeling well and happy? 2. Then ask yourself how much is the resolution of this issue worth to you? How much benefit will you derive from it, both physically and mentally? 3. Take into account how much you spend on the other material things in your life, and then give an actual price to how much you think your health goal is worth to you. The result will be very personal and individual to you and help you determine how much to invest in your health and well-being.
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