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Chronic Back Pain Clinic

Chronic Pain

Chronic back pain is pain that has persisted for more then 12 weeks. Chronic pain can be divided into 2 main categories:

  1. Pain that is mainly due to a persistent physical cause.

  2. ​Pain that is mainly do to a malfunctioning of the nervous system (pain perception system).​

How Homeopathy can Help

Homeopathy is uniquely suited to treat chronic back pain because it has the ability to treat all 3 of its components at the same time:​ the physical cause, the malfunctioning of the nervous system and the mental emotional consequences of the pain.

Treating the Physical Cause

The main physical causes of chronic back pain are injuries like slipped discs, chronic diseases such as arthritis, and faulty postures. 


Homeopathy can help pain due to a physical cause by treating this cause. For instance, many homeopathic remedies are know to be helpful for arthritis. Arthritis is an inflammation and degradation of the cartilage in the joints of your back. Once this cartilage is damaged, you start feeling the pain. Homeopathic remedies like Calcarea Phosporica can help treat the arthritis and thereby help your pain.

Treating the Malfunctioning Nervous System

But chronic back pain is most often caused mostly by a problem with your pain perception system (Oxford University Hospitals). Let us explain. 

Your sensation of pain depends on two main factors: a physical injury or disturbance and your body's sensitivity to that disturbance. For instance, you feel a touch on your skin every time you give a hug to your partner, but this does not cause  any pain. Your body is set to send you a pain signals whenever the pressure on your skin, joints or muscles, exceeds a certain amount. This is your body's normal setting.

A Faulty Pain Setting

This setting can become faulty after an injury or other trauma. Now the threshold for pain is changed so that even a slight touch or physical stress triggers your body to send pain signals. So a hug or a small movement like getting out of bed can now become painful.


This type of pain is not mainly due to the physical injury as it has often healed long ago. The pain is due to a problem with your pain perception system, your nerves. This phenomenon is called "sensitization" because your nerves have become over-sensitized to pain.

An Overheating Thermostat 

Its as if your thermostat is not functioning well. It should turn on the heat when the temperature drops below 70 F. But now it is turning on the heat when the temperature is below 85 F. It turns on, start heating (or giving pain) and does not stop even when the temperature has reach 95 F in your home. Understandably, things are getting uncomfortable!

At our Chronic Back Pain Clinic, we the right tools and treatment approach to remedy this problem. We have access to many homeopathic remedies that can affect the nervous system and help to reset your pain "thermostat". For instance, hypericum perforatum, also know as St John's-wort, is a homeopathic remedy that is well-know for its ability to help with nerve pain.

The Mental Emotional Consequences of Chronic Back Pain

If you have every suffered from severe unrelenting pain for any length of time, you know how debilitating it can become both physically and mentally.


When you are unable to do the activities that you love and enjoy being with the people you love; when all you can think of or feel is the discomfort in your body, sooner or later this take a toll your mood and emotional well-being. 

The Merck Manual for Professionals, a well-know medical reference, explains that chronic pain can lead to and also worsen mental emotional disturbances like anxiety and depression. What is worse, this can actually lead you down into a vicious circle that worsens the problem: the chronic pain causes depression and emotional distress, and then these in turn increase your perception of the pain. Thus physical and emotional pain sustain and reinforce each other.

Pain Avoidance Behaviour

In addition, pain leads you to avoid the activities you love and the less active you are, the weaker your muscles become and the more prone you become to injury and more pain.

Because homeopathy is a holistic treatment that addresses your mental emotional state at the same time as your physical pain, it is very well suited to treat chronic pain. But there is one important point to remember. Although there are many homeopathic remedies that are suited to treat chronic back pain and other types of chronic pain, these remedies will not help you unless they are tailored to your exact type of pain.

The Key to Successful Homeopathic Treatment

The key to successful treatment in homeopathy is to find the remedy that will treat the physical cause, the malfunctioning nervous system and the mental emotional consequences all at once. This is the individualized remedy that you will need for your specific type of pain. Assessing you to find this exact remedy is our area of expertise. It involves a comprehensive initial assessment (1-2.5 hours) where we assess you from head to toe to find the remedy that will be most suited to treat your pain and rebalance your system in all its parts. 

We have helped many patients get over chronic pain and return to the daily activities which they love and look forward to help you on your path to a healthier and happier life.

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